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Rowan Utting, born 1997, Wellington, New Zealand, had his first music and poem published and performed when only 6.
Now, first novel at 16.
Bardic, Rowan Utting’s work is poetic, narrative, mythic, reflective and musical. Along with the language, ‘Alamard’ , The Stones of Home has the author’s graphic working notes, embedded songs, music, lexicon and grammar. Suitability: ages 11+. Not a novel about youth: it explores the lives and emotions of people with magical powers, their place in different societies and the constant war waged by other creatures. The Stones of Home is epic in scope and set in contemporary Scotland and Ireland. It is literary,humorous, poignant, violent, philosophical and memorable. 256pp. A library ‘must have’.

About Rowan

Rowan Utting was born in 1997 in Wellington, New Zealand. He has written poetry for many years, an early work being set to his own tune when he was 6 and published and performed the following year.

He began writing The Stones of Home in the college library during lunch breaks when he was 14 and completed it by the time he was 16. Another volume is well underway.

He is a natural bardic storyteller who sees some of the path but not the ending till he gets there. The poetry and music arise in the course of the story. Rowan draws strongly on what he believes to be his Viking family and European roots. His mother’s line can be traced back into regal medieval France and their later flight as Huguenots to Ireland. The de Vautheau family’s castle ruins and resident wyvern dragon are still in Bourgogne.

Rowan has a passion for weaponry and working with his hands. Language is important too: He is fluent in French and Alamard, the Elven language of his own invention.

Despite aspergers and ADHD he has an uncommon insight into human behaviour and nature. Justice burns within him.He is an avid reader, a talented musician, singer and composer who can be seen on his Facebook pages and an international correspondent.

At home in Tawa, Wellington, he lives with his mother, stepfather and 4 siblings, and being gender fluid hasn’t had a haircut in a long time!

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Modern Fantasy, Young Adult, Literary, Poetic, Musical, New Alarmard Language


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Life, Love, War, Death, Dragons, Mages, Elves, Alamard, Freedom!

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