More – My First 80 Years

From the start of WWII to 2019. Public Service, Octodad, Samoa National Provident Fund, Business, 1975 Election, Muldoon, Social & Technology history, Art, God, Miracles, Visions…

This book is not simply for the family but it documents a lifespan of great change. The author’s viewpoint is that of both social historian and participant in that change. Now, as well as being a Tax Accountant, he is a creator and supplier of herbal remedies at . This book is also his personal production.

A rewarding, vibrant read of life, mysteries, miracles and history over the 80 years in New Zealand since the start of WWII. A book with both comedy, as befits a part Cockney, and poignancy. The author is also seen as a polymath with eight children fathered over a 48 year period. Diverse occupations range through Dress designer, Pig farm hand, Stock Market researcher, Founding Manager of the Samoa National Provident Fund, Chartered Accountant, Social and technical historian and more. He was a photographer/chemist at age 10. Reproductions of his paintings and photographs are included. Kevin has exhibited in the NZ Academy of Fine Arts and has a photographic collection on deposit with theTurnbull Library.

Kevin as Dr Frankenstein, Magical Mystery Tour, 1996.

The book is rich in history of processes and technology created (and obsoleted) in his lifetime as well as commentary on that period. It features 7 years of life in Samoa and the creation of the Samoa National Provident Fund from idea to working reality in only 13 months, a highlight of his life and a stunning achievement.

As Parliamentary candidate for National in 1975 as part of Muldoon’s Team his vigorous campaign was fire bombed on the eve of the election. The election night majority was reduced by over 5, 000 votes leaving a marginal seat.

His family were responsible for the early complaints about children being mistreated by the state, including solitary confinement. In the second half of his life health diminished him a bit, but not his will or spirit. At 80 he had two children at High School, one just 13.

Children mistreated by the State.

As a computer store owner for about 12 years he sold 2,500 computers. This finished when components having labels only, but no working insides, were provided by a supplier and extended legal action resulted.

The saga includes his religious experiences with some strange ones in the Far North following a beheading. A committed Christian dealing with the apparently weird and demonic, offering hope and a vision for the future.

Paintings and some art appears for the first time.

This book is available to libraries by direct order or through Websters.

The Book classification codes (BISAC) that follow show the broad perspective of the life.

BISAC Subject Headings

BIO001000 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Artists, Architects, Photographers
BIO026000 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs
BIO015000 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Science & Technology
COM080000 COMPUTERS / History
CRA024000 CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Painting
HIS004000 HISTORY / Australia & New Zealand
HIS053000 HISTORY / Oceania
PHO011010 PHOTOGRAPHY / Individual Photographers / Artists’ Books
TRV004000 TRAVEL / Australia & Oceania
REL012170 RELIGION / Christian Living / Personal Memoirs
REL099000 RELIGION / Christian Living / Spiritual Warfare
BUS001020 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Accounting / Governmental
BUS017020 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Corporate Finance / Valuation
BUS027010 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Finance / Financial Engineering
BUS036090 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Investments & Securities / Portfolio Management
BUS064000 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Taxation / General
OCC011010 BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing / Energy (Qigong, Reiki, Polarity)
EDU001030 EDUCATION / Administration / Higher
HEA039150 HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
HEA039050 HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases / Diabetes
HEA039110 HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases / Nervous System (incl. Brain)
HEA011000 HEALTH & FITNESS / Herbal Medications
FAM006000 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Alternative Family

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Cone Hut, Tararua Ranges, 1957.

Made with an improvised focusing screen: cellophane dipped in the frying pan.